Warburton Fairy

Fairy art and music created in the Yarra Valley and Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Welcome to the enchanted world of Warburton Fairy.  A place to celebrate the beauty of nature spirits through water colour.  Here you will find fairy and mermaid artwork by Vish-nya, an artist who lived in the Yarra Valley and is now based in Tropical North Queensland.  Vish-nya’s work is inspired by her beautiful surroundings wherever you may find her around Australia. She is also a harpist and singer, performing regularly at events in her tropical town, including the Port Douglas Markets.

The Enchanted Song Book Volume One

The Enchanted Song Book is a richly illustrated gift book and CD pack in hard cover. Twenty six pages including lyrics, full colour paintings, vignettes, sheet music and composition notes.  

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Warburton Fairy's book launch

Warburton Fairy's book launch was such a wonderful day with so many fairies big and small in Warburton that morning. So lovely to see the little fairies already familiar with songs they had heard at Warburton Primary, and children's choirs singing songs like:

  • Can You Hear the River Singing
  • Cooking Up a Big Surprise
  • Wizards' and Witches' 
  • Dance
  • Fairy Lost-Socks
  • Mermaid

Above: Can you spot someone famous at the Warburton Fairy's book launch?


Warburton Fairy - fairy art created in Warburton, Victoria.

Warburton is a charming Australian town in north eastern Victoria, nestled in the Yarra Ranges.  Here you will find Mountain Ash trees towering into misty clouds, lush ferny glades, grand oak trees and the Yarra River coursing through the valley. Giant toadstools dotted around the town are a definite sign of fairy revels.

The lyre bird sings her beautiful song in the mountains and crimson rosellas visit our gardens. We hope you enjoy the art and music at Warburton Fairy which have been inspired by such beauty.